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Who Are We ?

Our aim is to offer Free Learning Course to all std 11th & std 12th student of all the stream in Maharashtra. We have latest learning center whereby student can have many advantages. After FREE Registration student can have his/her own Network (Group) like Facebook/Twitter, they can ask question to each other, they can request advice through their dedicated account, they can take n number of tests on their own. Very basics of each subjects are included, e.g. Accounts. We have given very basic accounting principles, type of accounts, etc. So non-account student can learn on his own from our portal. However, registration is compulsory to avoid spammers. We are trying to upload maximum question papers. At present we are uploading only those papers which are published by Maharashtra Govt since 2008. Even our Instructor has also designed many exercises for practice. We are encouraging students who would like to be instructor or paper setter. Remember we do not charge anything to anybody in any form. We are trying to keep our website advertisement free.
During your learning on website, there are no chance to be defocused because we are trying to keep our website advertisement free. Our aim is to make team of good volunteer who will be willing to give free education to our forthcoming generation. “Vidya Daan is Mahadaan” .

How can you contribute ?
1. By submitting scanned copy of missing question papers. Click Here
2. By creating some course material in your own wording. Such course material should not be copied from any text book. To avid breach of copyright Act we avoid such copied text from other books. Please respect Copyright Act & efforts of Author. Understand how much efforts were taken by Author for creating such course materials which you are copying from other books.
3. Course material should be in simple English and easy to understand. Please avoid long statements. Avoid non-popular words. Remember it is for student who has not seen corporate world. Even whenever you are using any high end word please write word which is in regular use in bracket.
4. By setting question papers. Such course material should not be copied from any text book or copyrighted matter. Such copied materials or copyrighted materials may breach copyright Act.
5. We have all the right to do amendments and modifications in course materials which will be submitted by you.
6. Create more and more exercise and send us the same. This will enable students to do more and more practice.
7. We do encourage question papers of other than Maharashtra Board. This will enable other students to do more practice.
8. However, to become instructor you need to send us some course material about the concerned subject. This will make us to understand that how good you are at concerned subject.
9. Minimum 10 articles one need to send within 3 months from the date of registration, which will be evaluated by our existing instructor team. Remember you need to be good writer as our instructor team is very professional and highly qualified. We would like to identify new talents from students and would like to mold them for betterment of their future.
10. Once you will submit your article, then it becomes property of, and will not pay any remuneration on such submitted articles or course materials.
11. No communication will be entertained for non-approved articles. Once your article will be selected for publishing purpose, you will be intimated by email. On submission of article, it is confirmed that you would like to share your contents with and no further re-verification will be taken place.
12. If you are good at some specific topic/s in any subject, you can send exercise or short notes or detailed note on concerned topic.
13. Course Material includes Short Notes, Exercises, detail information about the concerned subject/topic.

Guidelines for Submitting Course Materials.

For any support or general question :
For submitting Exam Papers Only Questions :
For Submitting Exercise / Model Question Papers :
For Submitting Question & Answer / Model Question papers with Answers:
For Submitting Tests (Question Bank) (Preferablly questions should be in objective form) :

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